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The Center for Ethics and Human Rights organizes collaborative programs and symposium activities that engage campus, local, and global communities.

Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium

The Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium is a premier and distinctive conference that seeks to engage and educate on the issue of human trafficking through research, training, and collaboration. The theme for the 2024 symposium is ‘Equipping the Global Frontlines’.

This symposium offers three tracks, a 101 ‘awareness’ track focusing on general awareness and education, specially prepared for community members, faculty members and students​, and a 201 ’professional’ track emphasizing advanced training and higher-level education prepared for professionals, survivors, graduate students and faculty specializing in the field, and a 301’research’ research track highlighting cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research in human trafficking and modern slavery and emphasizing discussions of contemporary issues, emerging topics and research methodology in the field.

Advocacy Program for Ethical Excellence

The Center for Ethics and Human Rights is excited to announce a new program for ethical excellence, ‘The Advocacy Program’. This program seeks to engage faculty, staff, students, and community members through research, education, advocacy, and outreach activities aimed towards upholding CSU’s ‘Principles of Community’, i.e. service, integrity, inclusion, respect, and social justice.

Principles of Community: 

The definition of advocacy is ‘Standing up for what you believe in’. Advocacy involves supporting others; showing public support and action that speaks in favor of, defends, and champions on behalf of others.

Aligned with the definition of ‘advocacy’, this program empowers its community members to:

  • stand up for ethics, values, and integrity at CSU and beyond
  • show public support and action towards ethical and inclusive excellence
  • engage in cutting edge research and advocacy work within and beyond the university community

Ethical scandals, whether they occur in the corporate world or at institutions of higher education, are often the products of cultures of suppression and silence and the incentivization of ends over the means.

The Advocacy Program was officially launched in the Fall semester of 2022, and utilizes advocacy as an interpersonal, collective, systemic, and institutional strategy to accomplish ethical and inclusive excellence. This program is formed through collaborations with members of the Faculty Council, Council for Gender Equity, the Multicultural Staff and Faculty Council and other leadership units across campus.

The Program is grateful to Scott Sullivan, Vice President and Chief Integrity and Compliance Officer of Newmont Corporation for visiting the CSU campus and discussing with the community strategies for transforming cultures of suppression and silence into cultures of ethical and inclusive excellence.

In cultures of suppression, it is always the marginalized – the least powerful – who are affected most. However, ethical lapses eventually catch up and become costly for the entire organization.